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The gutters that line your roof look like they are there to make the roof look better. While that may be true, they do a lot more than that. If you don’t have the right type and size of gutters, water from rain or melting snow escaping your roof will fall all around your property, putting your foundation at risk.

When you need the perfect gutters for your property, turn to our team at George Thomas Construction.

We have extensive experience installing 5- to 6-inch K-style and half-round seamless gutters for customers across South East Michigan. We also offer gutter repair and gutter cleaning services.

The Different Types of Gutters We Install on Homes and Businesses in Lapeer

Aluminum Seamless Gutters

Property owners in South East Michigan and beyond love aluminum gutter systems because the material is lightweight, durable, and rustproof. You can also find them in diverse colors or repaint them when you feel like it.

Custom Copper Gutters

Copper seamless gutters are durable and timeless, and they don’t rust like other materials. Instead, they will develop that lovely signature tinge or patina that makes them look great. We’ve installed luxury copper gutters for many property owners across Lapeer.

Painted Steel Gutters

Most people choose painted steel gutter because of their durability. They hold up better than other gutter types in our cold winters.

Gutter Installation

Differentiating Between Half-Round and K-Style Gutters

Half-round and K-style gutters do the same job, but many property owners prefer one over the other. Which should you choose? It comes down to your preference; however, there are a few key differences to keep in mind.

K-style gutters will hold more water, but half-round gutters are more expensive. The design of K-style gutters also means they tend to last longer.

You can avoid water damage with the right gutter system.

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